The Dawab mold



Since nothing like this has been on the market before, we have developed a mold that is light, stable and easy to install. It is made of composite material and can be assembled so that the customer receives the final product desired.


The mold is reusable and need only to be rinsed clean and waxed after casting. The Dawabmold is designed to improve the working environment, the economy, minimal establishment and also for the repair to be able to go faster.


The shape can be varied in many ways. It can be round, 4 -sided or six -sided, and the lengths are completely optional. The molds can be made in smaller lengths which are then assembled together so that you can achive the correct height.


The mold can also be used above water at tex. piling repairs on bridges, etc.


In the water has the molds a slightly negative buoyancy in it´s basic design, but this is also adjustable, which makes the shape very handy for the diver.


Contact Martin or Andreas on Dawab for more detailed information and / or demonstration.


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