Dawab Sweden AB is a relatively new company but with many years of experience in the industry. We have competence in all areas of construction and servicediving. Work we frequently perform includes underwater welding, miscellaneous concrete work (certificates for concrete Class 1 and underwater concrete work are available), underwater inspections (Certificate SRA bridgeinspection and BaTMan are available), drilling and blasting (certificates for blasting are available.), laying of cable and pipes.


All our divers are trained and have the equivelent of HSE Part 1, which is a requirement in Sweden to perform underwater work. Our divers are also qualified tradesmen eg concreters, carpenters and welders.

Our mission is to get the job done while at same time not compromising safety, quality, expertise and last but not least, the environment. With our knowledge, service and machinery, we can provide complete, flexible and effective solutions. Our market is the commercial sector, governments, municipalities, counties, associations, and the shipping industry throughout Sweden.


Our goal is that all our customers are satified.

Kontakta oss

Tel: 031-53 23 23

E-post: info@dawabsverige.se



Godsgatan 11


Öppet: måndag - fredag 9.00 - 17.00