Recently, we invested in a 3D sonar that will further improve the quality of our underwater work. This development will immediately be of benefit to our customers as we have extensive experience of working with 2D sonar.

Coda EchoScope

The Coda EchoScope is a unique sonar device

Using phased array technology the Echo Scope generation rates over 16.000 beams Simultaneously, Producing instantaneous three-dimensional sonar images of bothering moving and stationary objects. Capable of up to 12 updates per second, the co-registered 3D imagery from each ping Allows visualization of the whole underwater environment in real time, enabling extremely rapid reconnaissance and inspection. The 3D aspect Allows the high resolution visualization to Be Performed from multiple perspectives.


The addition of motion sensor inputs That means the data can be accurately positioned in 3D space and adjacent pings can be distressed to create mosaics on-line.


See below, a few samples of scans performed with EchoScope:

Pipe line inspection

Bridge inspection

Southampton Quay

Sunken plane

Sunken ship

Amsterdam Quay

High resolution details

Quay pilings

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